Sunday, October 11, 2009

Condition of the Earth in the future due to Global Warming

condition of the earth due to the global warming
We all human being are the head of this huge earth so we are the responsibilities to study about the earth.If the global warming is not stop than one day there will not be existing of the earth.The increasement of the Global warming is will increase the water level of the earth as well as the there will increase the temperature on the earth in the summer.In the winter there will decrease the temperature on the earth.The increasement of level of water,temperature and decrease of the temperature will affect the human being.

Means people will die in summer in hot and due to cold in winter.Due to the increasement of the global warming cause the earth to be ball of fire in summer,block of ice in winter and ocean due to the water level.No one can live on this earth in the coming days.There will not be element of the life in the future on the earth so if we all people have to survive than we must stop the global warming and it's element.So we should stop the the global warming for the sake of our future.


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